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Supercop (1992)

(aka: Police Story III: Supercop)



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Police Story III: Supercop, released as Supercop in the U.S. in 1996, is not great filmmaking, nor is it supposed to be. But it is great fun. Like most Jackie Chan films, the plot is good enough to hold the movie together and add a little tension, but is purposefully and rightfully secondary to the athleticism of Jackie Chan and, in this case, his co-star Michelle Yeoh (billed Michelle Khan) also. There is no doubt in my mind that Jackie Chan is off his rocker (and thank heaven that he is). He performs all his stunts himself, and in "making of" documentaries, can often be seen wearing slings, casts, and/or braces between scenes. Equally as entertaining as the stunts and Chan's lightning-fast combat are his somewhat bashfully-delivered one-liners, significantly less corny than those featured in a lot of American-made action flicks. (I don't know if that's because the lines are better written, or Chan laughs with the audience as he delivers them rather than remaining conspicuously straight-faced -- but does it matter?) In Supercop, we get a double-dose of stunts and martial arts. His co-star, Michelle Yeoh, matches Chan's antics one-for-one and, like him, also performs her own stunts. What more can one ask for? (By the way, like virtually all Asian-made films, see it letterboxed, or an awful lot of the action will be happening off-screen.)

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