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Return of the Jedi (1983)



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This slightly inferior conclusion to the Star Wars trilogy, due to a (slightly) lesser emphasis on characterization, is still well worth the top rating. Lucas' unique, fantastic world retains its captivating charm to the last. The primary attraction is Luke's final confrontation with Darth Vader and the Emperor, which is as enthralling and engrossing the fiftieth time as it was the first.

The Return of the Jedi: Special Edition released in March of 1997, contained some changes I was initially skeptical about but ended up approving of wholeheartedly. A song and dance number was added to the Jabba scene in the beginning, which is humorously goofy but doesn't run on so long it becomes a distraction. The end features panoramic shots of Tatooine, Cloud City, and the Empire's headquarters Coruscant, which had never been seen before in any of the three films (but which I suspect will be a prominent location in the three prequels). All are beautifully rendered. The best change, perhaps, is the replacement of the Ewok's celebrational song with one more suited to the mood and more effectively enhances the emotion of the moment.

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