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Make Mine Music (1946)



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Ten musical segments are animated and packaged together into this feature film. Think Fantasia with more contemporary music and, it must be said, less of an animation budget. The film is pleasant throughout, but few of the segments emerge as truly great works on their own. The best is "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnett," which features the Andrews Sisters and some great animation of anthromorphic hats. A case can also be made for "The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the Met," a remarkable showcase of Nelson Eddy's singing talent.

Unfortunately, this film has been atrociously handled by the Disney company. Fearing bad PR, the 2000 home video release of the film on VHS and DVD eliminate the first segment, which parodies the story of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, because of all the gunplay in it. It is unconscionable that Disney continues to try to rewrite and whitewash its own history in accordance with the whims of public tastes. Warner Brothers has set a much finer example with Looney Tunes, releasing the original shorts uncut and unedited on DVD with simple warning labels about any content that might be deemed unacceptable today. This is the road Disney should have taken here.