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Fantasia (1940)



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A mere twelve years after Mickey Mouse's first sound cartoon, the primitive gag-fest Steamboat Willie, and Disney studios produced this full length animation extravaganza that animators have been trying to equal ever since. Even now, with technological breakthroughs in computer animation, the beauty of much of the animation is difficult or practically impossible to reproduce. For the making of Fantasia, Walt Disney told his animators to listen to the classical music to which the film would be set and let their imaginations run wild. That, they did. There are seven sequences, even set to a different piece. The most famous is The Sorcerer's Apprentice, starring Mickey Mouse, but some of the other segments are as good or better. There's abstract animation, narrative animation, and dances, including a comic ballet (The Dance of the Hours). For those who have an interest in or are impressed by the beauty of good art, animation, or music, this is a must.

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