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Ma and Pa Kettle At the Fair (1952)



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Ma and Pa Kettle At the Fair was made at the height of the series, when the cast and crew had become familiar and comfortable with gentle notes of Ma and Pa Kettle humor and hadn't yet run out of ideas to keep them fresh and funny. This time out, Ma and Pa try to raise money by entering contests at the fair. As usual, there are mishaps and complications that threaten the very fabric of Society At Large, which, of course, the Kettles don't quite always understand. The appeal of the series, I think, is that while the Kettles' lifestyle adheres to a very skewed kind of sense and breaks all conventions, they're always happy and only ever get into trouble when society's common sense ways of doing things -- which somehow are always convoluted and nonsensical -- interfere. Wouldn't we all like to break free of our lives and live like the Kettles?

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