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Love On the Run (1979)



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The Antoine Doinel cycle concludes with a whisper in Love On the Run, a nostalgic film that brings back a number of characters from the first four films, most notably Colette and Christine but others as well, and supplies some closure to Antoine's various relationships.

Unfortunately, the film gets caught up in lengthy flashbacks to the previous films, which bogs down the story unfolding in the present. And the end, while a compelling and fun sequence on its own, doesn't really convince us that Antoine has matured and progressed from the days of Stolen Kisses and Bed and Board; the ending, therefore, must be regarded with a degree of skepticism.

Probably the most gratifying subplot involves the return of Colette, from Antoine and Colette. She's a lawyer now and catches up with both Antoine and his autobiographical novel. The nuanced portrayal of this relationship and its evolution is the movie's finest asset and the best reason to see it.

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