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Highlander (1986)



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Guest Reviewer: Dave Parker:

I love the main idea behind this movie--immortals are born among us for unknown reasons, and are destined to fight one another until there is only one left. The thought of turning a corner at night and coming upon two ageless men dueling with ancient swords in the moonlight somehow appeals to me. I can think up a million stories I'd like to tell that are set in this "universe."

Unfortunately, the movie relies more on sadistic gore than anything else. The parts with Sean Connery are good, but after that, things go a little down hill. All in all, however, I think this movie deserves its standing as "cult classic," as it's not good enough to be a "real" classic, yet definitely deserves to be watched. When the movie is exploring Christopher Lambert's Conner McLeod character, it is great. When it switches focus to the big sadistic guy whose name I can't remember, it's not so good anymore.

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