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First Strike (1996)

(aka: Jackie Chan's First Strike)



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Once again, Jackie Chan's charisma turns what might have been ridiculously silly into hilarious action-packed entertainment. With its ski scenes, sharks, underwater fights, and hulking henchmen, First Strike is Chan's James Bond film, and even a couple references are made to the British spy hero. As with any Jackie Chan film, the highlights are his blazing fast dance-like fight scenes, where Chan calls upon his martial arts expertise and just about any handy prop (here, it's tables, brooms, and ladders) to combat his opponents.

This isn't Chan's best work, however, by any means. More like the too silly Rumble In the Bronx than the down to earth Supercop, there's a little too much fooling around and not enough acrobatics.

As with all of Jackie Chan's films, see it widescreen if it's at all possible, or you'll miss out on a lot.