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Father of the Bride (1991)



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They don't make them like they used to -- unless, that is, you're Charles Shyer or Nancy Meyers, who have remade the 1950 classic Father of the Bride into a comparably sweet and touching film. With grand success, this film blends large doses of humor and sentiment, without once slipping into mushiness or silliness.

Steve Martin plays the lead role, amazingly following in Spencer Tracy's footsteps looking good. His baby daughter is getting married, and besides the involved and hectic preparations associated with arranging a wedding, Martin must cope with his own personal distress at this sudden change. The portrayal the family is largely realistic; it's easy to relate to the characters and their relationships, and that's what makes this film so moving and funny. Its one significant flaw is Martin Short, who plays an obnoxious character hired to arrange the reception.

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