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All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)



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Depressing, despicable animated film about gangster dogs. There's nary a sympathetic character, nor, indeed, any character the audience cares about one way or another. With some painful concentration on the languidly paced story, one can make out a distinction between the protagonists and the antagonists, yet these are answers important only to trivia buffs. What is important about All Dogs Go To Heaven is that it's excruciatingly uninteresting -- a mean-spirited, boring waste of celluloid. Not even the comic relief holds up -- rarely does a Don Bluth animated film contain genuinely funny characters as opposed to characters who merely act funny. Here, this is particularly blatant. It's a crying shame to see Don Bluth churn out a travesty such as this, when The Secret of NIMH, his first film after defecting from Disney, was so brilliant. Alas.

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