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A View To a Kill (1985)



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A View To a Kill is more than a little disappointing. It reverts to the type of goofy "humor" that helped ruin Moonraker. The story, very similar to Goldfinger is sufficient enough to carry a Bond film, and Christopher Walken plays a slightly over-the-top but still satisfying performanced as the crazed villain, but it is all undermined by Tanya Roberts' Stacey Sutton, ranking with Rosie Carver from Live and Let Die as the most annoying, whiny Bond girl ever. If that wasn't enough, most of the action scenes are destroyed by silliness and cheap theatrics. The last thirty minutes are comprised of some wonderful, exciting material, but by that point, it's a little too late to redeem the film completely. A View To a Kill isn't horrible -- it's watchable enough for the young or non-critical viewer -- but it's not "good" by any means. Roger Moore had said he was going to quit after Octopussy; no one is quite sure why he stayed on for one more, but it was obviously a bad decision -- the previous film would have been a far better one to go out on.

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