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Humor Bites

The Filmmaker's Exam Stop making bad movies. If you're a filmmaker, take this test. If you fail, your movie will stink.
The Fantasy Novelist's Exam Stop writing bad stories. If you're an author or publisher of fantasy, take this test. If you fail, your story has been written already.
Don't Throw a Brick Straight Up. Are you a stupid person? Do you find it hard just staying alive? Your troubles are over. Here's your very own guide to life.
Slapdash City A parody of the entire World Wide Web. Our motto, "We've got some web pages."
The Duel of the Ages Two warriors and two writers engage in an epic power struggle in this novelette of swords, sorcery, and grammar tips. Let us laugh.
Lights & Noises We don't know much about pinball. But in this humorous chronicle of the game and its history, we pretend we do.
The Adventures of Smart Man In a dark world where only idiots are safe from the cruel conniving of the forces of stupidity, one man has the courage to stand up and fight for our right to think. Behold: Smart Man!
How To Be Funny Want to be a funny person? If so, this page is for you. Read on, humor impaired person, and learn the secrets of being funny.
How To Be Romantic Want to be romantic but don't quite get it? This comprehensive guide to romance will teach you all you need to know and still leave you time to watch football.
How To Be Persuasive Tired of losing arguments? Tired of being outmaneuvered by superior debaters? Take the principles in this tutorial to heart, and you'll be able to convince anyone to believe anything.
Pea Soup for the Cynic's Soul With all the benevolence and good cheer in the world, sometimes it's hard to stay bitter and spiteful. This short story collection should fix that.
Fairy Tale Stew In this life-affirming anthology of fables for complicated times, you'll learn important lessons from the sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant tales of a pencil eraser, an insecure gargoyle, and a glop of grease.
FNN Fantasy News Network is a parody of the Fantasy Quest games on our Adventure Games Live feature. Whether you've played the games or not, you'll find this amusing.