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Groaners - Solutions

Solution for #1

A nickel and a half dollar. Only one is not a nickel.

Solution for #2


Solution for #3

The sun is shining; there's no rain.

Solution for #4

Whatever color yours are. You're the bus driver.

Solution for #5


Solution for #6


Solution for #7

There isn't any smoke. It's an electric train.

Solution for #8

All of them.

Solution for #9

Alternate Solution #1

When they meet, they're both exactly the same distance from New York City.

Alternate Solution #2

Well, actually if you consider "meeting" to be nose to nose, the one that left from New York City is closer to New York City by a train length.

Solution for #10

They were two of triplets.

Solution for #11

The only place each window could have a southern exposure is on the north pole. So the bear must have been a polar bear. The answer, therefore, is white.

Solution for #12

Two. Nobody said it had to be a matching pair.

Solution for #13

It's daytime; the sun is out.

Solution for #14

He's born in room number 1964 of a hospital and dies in room number 1984.

Solution for #15

Alternate Solution #1

The other end of the rope isn't tied to anything.

Alternate Solution #2

The haystack is only 10 feet away from where the other end of the rope is tied, and the horse is 30 feet away on the other side.

Solution for #16

A ton.

Solution for #17

Post Office.

Solution for #18

One. Everybody else was coming from St. Ives.

Solution for #19

Eight thousand. When books sit on shelves, the first page of the book is the rightmost page, and the last page is the leftmost page. So you can't count the pages in the first and last volumes.

Solution for #20

A minute and a half.

Solution for #21

Alternate Solution #1

Ten letters.

Alternate Solution #2

Nineteen letters long.

Alternate Solution #3

Twenty five letters in length.

Alternate Solution #4

Two words.

Alternate Solution #5

Three words long.

Alternate Solution #6

Four words in length.

Alternate Solution #7

Four syllables.

Alternate Solution #8

Five syllables long.

Alternate Solution #9

Six syllables in length.

Alternate Solution #10

The answer is one sentence long.

Alternate Solution #11

How long.

Solution for #22


Solution for #23

Six. (Three for each team.)

Solution for #24


Solution for #25

The match.

Solution for #26

An hour. You take one right away, take the next a half hour later, and the last one a half hour after that.

Solution for #27

I don't. In 46 B.C., they wouldn't have known how many years before Christ it was.

Solution for #28

Not if he isn't dead yet.

Solution for #29

70. (30 divided by 2 is 15, but 30 divided by 1/2 is 60.)

Solution for #30

None. Noah was the one with the ark.

Solution for #31


Solution for #32

Of course. They just don't celebrate it.

Solution for #33

No. If he has a widow, he's dead.

Solution for #34

The umpire and the catcher.

Solution for #35

When the numbers are expressed in roman numerals, this works out:

If you take I from XIX, you are left with XX.

Solution for #36

John sat down in the chair. Jack ran around it twice, then said, "I'll be back in a week to run the third time around!"

Solution for #37


Solution for #38

No more than his own weight.

Solution for #39

Just two -- one on each side.

Solution for #40


Solution for #41

The sun never rises and sets at the same time of day. Except at the poles, the sun only rises in the morning and only sets in the evening. Even at the poles, it can't do both simultaneously.

Solution for #42

"Language." Ignore the first two sentences, which are irrelevant to the question. The third sentence says, "There are three words in 'the English language.'" The first is "the"; the second is "English"; and the third is "language." Language is something we use every day.

Unfortunately, this puzzle is frequently asked of others by those who do not know the answer; as such, the wording of the puzzle is inadvertently altered in such a way that there is no correct answer. There are a couple other archaic words in English that end in "gry"; however, none of these are correct answers, because none of them are things we use every day. (Besides, then the puzzle would be a trivia question rather than a riddle.)

Solution for #43

None. Roosters do not lay eggs.

Solution for #44


Solution for #45


Solution for #46

They're all boys. Half are boys, and so is the other half.

Solution for #47


Solution for #48

They will never be under water. The ship will rise with the tide.

Solution for #49

Alternate Solution #1

Half a trunk full of dimes. Dimes are worth twice as much, so half the number of dimes as nickels would be worth the same amount. But since dimes are smaller than nickels, more dimes than nickels can fit in the same amount of space.

Alternate Solution #2

Depends on whether the trunk was cut in half horizontally or vertically. Vertically, you couldn't carry many dimes in it, so the whole trunk full of nickels is probably the better bet.

Solution for #50

Eight: seven sisters and one brother.

Solution for #51

The current President, still in office.

Solution for #52

Any number of times. 21 minus 2 is 19, every single time.