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Common Sense Word Problems

These word problems have legitimate answers, but where's the fun in that?


Suppose you are on an elevator on the 16th floor of a building, when the cable breaks. As you plummet toward the ground, you recall that you once heard that by jumping up fast at the instant of impact, you can escape death. You also recall that the floors are twelve feet apart and that the acceleration of a falling object is 32 feet per second squared. When should you jump?



A dog can run fifty miles in a day. How far could he run into a 120 square mile forest in two days?



A light year is 5.9x10^12 miles and Alpha Centuri is 2.5x10^14 miles away. If your friend stood on the surface of Alpha Centuri and waved, how long would it be until you could see it from the earth?



Buildings A and B are adjacent buildings. The floors in the buildings are twelve feet apart. Building B is 16 stories high. If Gumball the Clown jumped out of the 20th story window of Building A, how far would he fall before hitting the roof of Building B?



If you roll snake eyes eight times in a row with the same pair of dice, what is the chance of rolling snake eyes on your ninth roll?



The human body holds nine quarts of blood. Suppose you were alone in the desert and accidently cut a major artery. If you bleed at one cup a minute, how long will it take you to bleed to death?



What's the largest number of coins you can have without having even change for a dollar?



If a boy and a half could eat a hot dog and a half in a minute and a half, how many hot dogs could six boys eat in six minutes?