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[6.1] Cheating

Apogee has almost always made a point of putting cheats in their games, both
documented and undocumented.  Sometimes these cheats are available in all
versions of the game; other times they are only available in the registered
versions.  From 1987 to around May 1993, Apogee games came with a hint sheet,
which often contained cheats in them.  From May 1993 to December 1993, Apogee
games were shipped with a XXXXHINT.EXE file, which had the same text as the
old hint sheets.  Beginning in 1994, the XXXXHINT.EXE files were done away
with too, although sometimes cheats were still mentioned in XXXXHELP.EXE files
which previously contained strictly technical support information.  Cheat
information is now contained either in physical game manuals, or, in the case
of some of the CD games, in manuals on the CD itself.

The cheats listed in the complete cheat list are subdivided by category.
The customer cheats are the cheats listed in the hint sheet, hint file, or
game manual that comes with the game.  Some of the games also have a debugging
mode, which is not generally documented.  Their original purpose is to aid in
the beta testing of the game.  Lots of times, however, the debugging mode is
left intact, available for the regular game-player to use.  Finally, there are
technical support parameters, which are not really cheats, but are used to
correct some technical problems.

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