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[] Wacky Wheels

You can edit the WACKY.CFG file to change a number of different things:

      872H - number of laps, in longints (back up three and use those four
             bytes; remember that longints, integers, and words have
             reversed bytes).
      876H - Difficulty level (1=amateur, 2=pro, 3=champ).
      882H - Your points.
      886H - Opponent's points.
      88AH - Opponent's points.
      88EH - Opponent's points.
      892H - Opponent's points.
      896H - Opponent's points.
      89AH - Opponent's points.
      89EH - Opponent's points.
      87AH - Course group (bronze, silver, etc).
      87EH - Course number (1-5).
      8C3H - Number of porcupines.
      957H - Horsepower of your engine (1=12HP, 2=6HP).

      Changing your character type is slightly more complicated.  First,
      edit location 86AH as follows, remembering your old character number.
             0=Uno,   1=Sultan, 2=Morris, 3=Peggles,
             4=Razer, 5=Ringo,  6=Blombo, 7=Tigi
      At location 8A2H should be the number of your old character.
      Somewhere between 8A6H and 8BEH should be your new character number.
      Switch those bytes, so the one with the new character number has the
      old one in it, and your character number has the new number in it.

Note that changing the course group in the shareware version will not permit
access to the registered version course groups, but will instead crash the

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