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[5.2] The Registered Episodes

The registered versions of the software are the complete versions, and, as
they are not shareware, cannot legally exist on public BBS's or FTP sites.
The registered versions of the software must be purchased directly from Apogee
or from one of Apogee's dealers.  The best way to get the most recent ordering
information is by checking the company's web site.  The direct URL to
ordering information is  The direct
URL to pricing information is

Some of Apogee's games may be ordered online through Yahoo Store.  This
service is available via the ordering information link above or by going
directly to  Not all of Apogee's games
are available for purchase via online download; check the Apogee web site
for availability.  When you buy through Yahoo Store, you are able to
download the game, but, unlike when you order directly from Apogee, you are
not mailed a physical box, manual, and CD or disk.

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