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[5.2.2] What combination deals does Apogee offer?

For some years, Apogee offered several combination deals -- two or three games
for a discounted price.  However, in early 1997, these deals were all
discontinued save one, the Kid Combo.  Later that year, individual sale
of these two games was discontinued, and the Kid Combo deal became the only
way to buy these games.  Still later, the Keen combo was resurrected.
After the Great Price Drop in March 2000, the combination deal prices for
these two combos also dropped; when Apogee's online store opened, the
individual games became available again for purchasing as online downloads
(at prices totalling the costs of the combo deals), but the combo deals
remain the only way to purchase them in any other manner.

 Combo Name           Games in Combo                            Price
 ----------           --------------                            -----
 Keen                 Keen: Vorticons, Keen: Galaxy             $20.00
 Kid Combo            Word Rescue, Math Rescue                  $29.95

Combination deals cancelled in early 1997 (don't try to order these!):

 Combo Name           Games in Combo                            Price    Save
 ----------           --------------                            -----    ----
 Blast'em             Raptor, Major Stryker                     $49.95   $14.95
 Duke                 Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem II                 $49.95   $14.95
 Duke/Cosmo           Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem II, Cosmo          $69.95   $24.90
 Keen Vort/Galaxy     Keen: Vorticons, Keen: Galaxy             $49.95   $14.95
 Keen Galaxy/Aliens   Keen: Galaxy, Keen: Aliens                $59.95   $10.95
 Keen Fun Pack        Keen: Vorticons, Galaxy, Aliens           $69.95   $30.90
 Rally/XenoPhage      Death Rally, XenoPhage                    $40.00   $25.90

Combination deals cancelled in late 1994 (don't try to order these!):

 Action               Secret Agent, Crystal Caves, Dark Ages    $49.95   $39.90
 Action CGA           Keen: Galaxy CGA, Monuments of Mars       $39.95   $19.95
 Adventure CGA        Pharaoh's Tomb, Arctic Adventure          $34.95   $14.95
 Blake/Wolf3D         Blake Stone: Aliens, Wolf3D + Hint Book   $89.95   $29.95
 Combat               Duke II, Halloween Harry, Bio Menace      $59.95   $34.90

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