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[4.2.2] Villains

 Game                      Name                     Comments
 ----                      ----                     --------
 Stargunner                The Zilions
 Death Rally               The Adversary
 XenoPhage                 Parasite                 From Bysmol  *
 XenoPhage                 Champion                 From Mallochia
 XenoPhage                 Grand Champion
 XenoPhage                 Blarney                  The secret boss
 Realms of Chaos           Lord Ross
 Rise of the Triad         General Darian
 Rise of the Triad         Sebastian "Doyle" Krist
 Rise of the Triad         NME (aka "Spray")        Nasty Metallic Enforcer
 Rise of the Triad         El Oscuro
 Boppin                    Hunnybunz
 Hocus Pocus               Trolodon
 Blake Stone: Strike       Dr. Pyrus W. Goldfire
 Blake Stone: Aliens       Dr. Pyrus W. Goldfire
 Duke Nukem II             The Rigelatins
 Spear of Destiny          Trans Grosse
 Spear of Destiny          Barnacle Wilheim
 Spear of Destiny          UberMutant
 Spear of Destiny          Death Knight
 Spear of Destiny          Angel of Death
 Wolfenstein 3D            Hans Grosse              Greta Grosse's brother
 Wolfenstein 3D            Dr. Schabbs
 Wolfenstein 3D            Hitler
 Wolfenstein 3D            Otto Giftmacher
 Wolfenstein 3D            Greta Grosse             Hans Grosse's sister
 Wolfenstein 3D            General Fettgesicht
 Bio Menace                Dr. Mangle
 Bio Menace                Master Cain
 Monster Bash              Count Chuck
 Commander Keen            Mortimer McMire          The mastermind
 Commander Keen: Aliens    The Bloogs
 Commander Keen: Galaxy    The Shikadi
 Commander Keen: Vorticons The Vorticons
 Duke Nukem                Dr. Proton
 Major Stryker             The Kretons
 Secret Agent              Dr. No Body              DVS terrorist leader
 Math Rescue               The Gruzzles
 Word Rescue               The Gruzzles
 Dark Ages                 Garth


From 3D Realms:

Game Name Comments ---- ---- -------- Duke Nukem Forever Dr. Proton Back from Duke Nukem I }Max Payne 2 Vinnie Gognitti }Max Payne 2 Kaufman }Max Payne 2 Vladimir Lem }Max Payne 2 Alfred Woden Max Payne B.B. Max Payne Boris Dime Max Payne Joey Finito Max Payne Virgilo Finito Max Payne Vinnie Gognitti Max Payne Nicole Horne Max Payne Jack Lupino Max Payne Rico Muerte Max Payne Angelo Punchinello Max Payne Don Punchinello Max Payne Vladimir Shadow Warrior Zilla * - During development, Parasite was called Pinwheel.

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