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[4.2.3] Cameos

Frequently, the star of one Apogee game will make a cameo appearance in
another.  Or, sometimes, someone from the real world shows up.  A list of
such cameos follows.  Appearances of Apogee characters in the default
scoreboards of games are not mentioned here, however, since there would be
too many to list.

      WARNING: much of the fun of these games is running across these
      things during play.  Do not read this section if you want to be


From Apogee:

Game Description ---- ----------- Death Rally Duke Nukem. (Also listed in the "Heroes" section.) Wacky Wheels The Dopefish, from Keen, (voiced by Joe Siegler). * Bio Menace Commander Keen as one of the hostages in episode 2. Bio Menace Scott Miller, George Broussard, and Jim Norwood, in episode 2; also artifacts from other Apogee games including Keen and Duke. Yorp aliens from Keen are there, among other things, as is a portrait of Duke Nukem on the wall. Monster Bash Epic's Jill of the Jungle is mentioned in the story. Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Duke Nukem, in episode 2, level 7. Duke Nukem Commander Keen, mentioned by Dr. Proton in the first episode. Crystal Caves Keen's helmet, partially hidden by debris. * Secret Agent Commander Keen, mentioned in the instructions. Paganitzu Yorp from Keen: Vorticons; also Keen's helmet.

From 3D Realms:

Game Description ---- ----------- Max Payne Dopefish, in act 1, chapter 7. Shadow Warrior Duke Nukem, mentioned by Lo Wang. Shadow Warrior Lara Croft, star of "Tomb Raider," in the shareware episode. Duke Nukem 3D Dopefish, mentioned shareware episode, level 5. Duke Nukem 3D Space marine, from "Doom," in level 3. Duke Nukem 3D Death monk, from "Rise of the Triad," in the shareware episode.

From Pinball Wizards:

Game Description ---- ----------- Balls of Steel Duke Nukem, in one of the tables. * - See the "secrets and other fun things" section for instructions on seeing Wacky Wheels' Dopefish cameo. - See the section on the history of Crystal Caves and Secret Agent for the background behind Crystal Caves' Keen helmet cameo. From Other Companies: Game Description ---- ----------- Hyperspace Delivery Boy Dopefish Commander Keen Gameboy Dopefish Anachronox (Eidos) Dopefish Battlezone (Activision) Dopefish Descent 3 (Interplay) Dopefish Daikatana (Ion Storm) Dopefish Quake III Arena (id) Dopefish, although not as recognizable as usual. Quake II (id Software) Dopefish, mimicking Keen in Doom II. Quake (id Software) Dopefish, in episode 2, level 3. Doom II (id Software) Commander Keen, at the end of level 32.

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