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[4.2.1] Heroes


From Apogee:

Game Name Comments ---- ---- -------- Stargunner The Ytimians Death Rally Sam Speed Death Rally Jane Honda Death Rally Duke Nukem Hero of many other games Death Rally Nasty Nick Death Rally Motor Mary Death Rally Mad Mac Death Rally Matt Miler Death Rally Clint West Death Rally Lee Vice Death Rally Dark Ryder Death Rally Greg Peck Death Rally Suzy Stock Death Rally Iron John Death Rally Mori Sato Death Rally Cher Stone Death Rally Diesel Joe Death Rally Mic Dair Death Rally Liz Arden Death Rally Bogus Bill Death Rally Farmer Ted XenoPhage Mouth From Orus XenoPhage Nick From Earth XenoPhage Toad From Zong XenoPhage Bat From Fleder XenoPhage Spike From SFPN-10 XenoPhage Worm From Moreau's world * XenoPhage Squid From Calamis XenoPhage Selena From Earth Realms of Chaos Endrick The male character Realms of Chaos Elandra The female character Rise of the Triad Taradino Cassatt Rise of the Triad Thi Barrett Rise of the Triad Doug Wendt Rise of the Triad Lorelei Ni Rise of the Triad Ian Paul Freeley Boppin Yeet Boppin Boik Wacky Wheels Tigi The Tiger Wacky Wheels Blombo The Elephant Wacky Wheels Ringo The Raccoon Wacky Wheels Razer The Shark Wacky Wheels Uno The Panda Bear Wacky Wheels Sultan The Camel Wacky Wheels Morris The Moose Wacky Wheels Peggles The Pelican Mystic Towers Baron Baldric * Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus Blake Stone: Strike Robert Wills Stone III Alias Blake Stone Blake Stone: Aliens Robert Wills Stone III Alias Blake Stone Duke Nukem II Duke Nukem Alien Carnage Halloween Harry Spear of Destiny B. J. Blazkowicz Full name William Joseph... Wolfenstein 3D B. J. Blazkowicz Billy Blaze's grandfather Bio Menace Snake Logan Monster Bash Johnny Dash Commander Keen: Aliens Billy Blaze B.J.Blazkowicz's grandson Commander Keen: Galaxy Billy Blaze Full name: William Joseph Commander Keen: Vorticons Billy Blaze Blazkowicz II Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Cosmo Duke Nukem Duke Nukem Related to Harrison Stryker Major Stryker Harrison Stryker Related to Duke Nukem Crystal Caves Mylo Steamwitz Secret Agent Agent 006 1/2 A short Duke Nukem? Paganitzu Alabama Smith Related to Nevada Smith? Arctic Adventure Nevada Smith His second adventure Pharaoh's Tomb Nevada Smith His first adventure

From 3D Realms:

Game Name Comments ---- ---- -------- Duke Nukem Forever Duke Nukem His fourth adventure }Max Payne 2 Max Payne }Max Payne 2 Mona Sax Femme fatale }Duke: Manhattan Project Duke Nukem Max Payne Max Payne Shadow Warrior Lo Wang Duke Nukem 3D Duke Nukem His third adventure * - Baron Baldric made his first appearance in the shareware game of the same name, by Animation/FX. - During development, Worm was called Jack.

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