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[] Wanton Destruction

}In 1997, some time after Shadow Warrior was released, a company called
}Sunstorm produced an add-on for it called "Wanton Destruction."  It was
}completed, but the distributor, for one reason or another, decided to shelve
}the project.  Later, Sunstorm went out of business, and Wanton Destruction
}got lost in the shuffle.  The folks at 3D Realms, who never had a copy of
}it, tried to locate it a few times over the years, but they met no success
}and gave up.  The project was thought lost for good.
}But on September 5, 2005, 3D Realms received an email out of the blue from
}Anthony Campiti, the former president of Sunstorm.  He had run across a CD
}called "Add-on Archive 1," which, much to his surprised, contained a complete
}copy of the finished Wanton Destruction add-on.  Three days later, 3D Realms
}had the add-on in its hands and released it to the Internet the next day as a
}free download.  To mark the occasion, 3D Realms reduced the price of Shadow
}Warrior from $19.95 to $10.00.

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