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[2.8.16] Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel was written by Wildfire Studios and was the first (and only)
release under the Pinball Wizards brand name, which was created to be a
specialized name that would only be used in the distribution of pinball games.
It was also Apogee's first Windows 95 release, under any brand.  Version 1.0
was released on December 12, 1997.  Version 1.1 was released on February 10,
1998.  Version 1.2 was released April 14, 1999.  Version 1.3 was released on
April 9, 2001.

The game includes five tables: Firestorm, Darkside, Barbarian, Mutation, and
Duke Nukem.  Originally the fifth table was going to be "Devil's Island," but
this table was dropped when it was decided to do a Duke Nukem table.  Later
Wildfire Studios resurrected the Devil's Island table idea, saw it through
to completion, and started selling it as a separate table on January 24, 2000.
It is an independent product; it does not need Balls of Steel to run.
Apogee/Pinball Wizards does not have anything to do with the creation and
distribution of the Devil's Island table.  You can learn more about Devil's
Island from Wildfire Studios' web page:

}On January 14, 2004, Wildfire released two of the tables -- Mutation and
}Darkside -- as the downloadable shareware release "Balls of Steel: Creature
}Attack!"  Apogee has nothing to do with this release.

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