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[] Lo Wang's rap

Lee Jackson's paraphrased history of Lo Wang's Rap follows:

"Lo Wang's Rap" is the last track on the Shadow Warrior CD.  It was
originally created for use in a Shadow Warrior E3 demo, but it instead
wound up going into the game.  The story of how it got there is rather
interesting and humorous.

I wrote the backing music track first and waited for lyrics from GT
Interactive (our publisher at the time).  The idea was to have John William
Galt (the voice of Lo Wang) record a rap over the backing track using GT's
lyrics.  This didn't work at all -- John's a great actor, but a rapper he's

What I wound up doing was taking previously recorded voice files I had from
John's sessions, picking out phrases, and using SAW Pro to sync everything
to the backing track.  The end result was a two-part song, where Lo Wang
beats the crap out of a novice in the first part and then tries very
unsuccessfully to pick up one of the "anime chicks" from the game (actually
mapper Keith Schuler's wife, Rose) in the second part.  Rose's "Kiss this,
you scuzzball!" line is priceless.

GT went with something entirely different for the demo.  My completed song
was good, but it wasn't game-selling material.  This left us in an odd
position.  We had a good (and funny) song, and we wanted to use it somewhere,
so we decided to put it on the Shadow Warrior CD as a special "bonus track."
Players who made it all the way through the game got to hear Lo Wang celebrate
by busting out with an Asian-flavored rap.

The song was eventually played on the Dr. Demento radio program (March 1,
1998, show #98-09).  It was also submitted to the Grammy organization
(N.A.R.A.S., for consideration in the 1998 Grammy
awards, making it one of the first ever game soundtracks to be listed as a
qualified entry (before there was an official category for game music).  It
probably only received one vote in each category (my vote, to be precise)
and didn't even come close to being nominated, but its listing did help
open the door to the addition of game music to the Grammy categories.

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