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[] ROTT characters

One of the curiosities of ROTT is that the actors in the game were digitized
and voiced by members of Apogee.  The following chart shows who was scanned
and who was sampled to create each ROTT character.

Character/Description                  Real Life Actor         Voice
---------------------                  ---------------         -----
Low Guard                              Steve Quarrella         Steve Quarrella
(Grey Shirts - There are lots of em)   (Former Tech Spt)

High Guard                             Steve Blackburn         Steve Blackburn
(Green Uniforms - Drop MP40's)         (VP of Operations)

Lightning Guard                        Kevin Green             Kevin Green &
(Begs for Mercy, Steals your weapon)   (Cust Support Mgr)      Willam Scarboro

Triad Enforcer                         George Broussard        George Broussard
(Throws Hand Grenades)                 (Exec VP of Apogee)

Strike Patrol                          Scott Miller            Scott Miller
(White Shirts - Ducks and Rolls)       (President of Apogee)

Overpatrol                             Nolan Martin            Nolan Martin &
(Brown uniforms - throws nets)         (Former Programmer)     Chuck Jones

Death Monk                             Lee Jackson             Tom Hall
(Waddles, drains your life)            (Musician)

DeathFire Monk                         Allen H. Blum III       Tom Hall
(Shoots Fireballs)                     (Programmer)

Robot Guard                            Was a model by          Sound CD #4005
(Small Metal Robots)                   Gregor Punchatz

General Darian                         Steve Maines            Mark Dochtermann
(Large Boss with Rocket Launcher)      (Former Art Director)

Sebastian "Doyle" Krist                Joe Siegler             Joe Siegler
(Boss in Chair)                        (Online Support Mgr)

NME (Nasty Metallic Enforcer Boss)     Was a model by          Sound CD #4005
    (Nickname "Spray")                 Gregor Punchatz

El Oscuro                              Tom Hall                Tom Hall
(Main Boss - both forms)               (Creative Director)

Taradino Cassatt                       Not Applicable          Joe Selinske

Thi Barrett                            Not Applicable          Susan Singer

Doug Wendt                             Not Applicable          Lee Jackson

Lorelei Ni                             Not Applicable          Pau Suet Ying *

Ian Paul Freeley                       Not Applicable          Jim Dose'

 * Pau Suet Ying was a waitress at a Chinese Resturant, called May China Cafe,
   about half a mile from Apogee's Headquarters.

Not everyone that was digitized was used in the game.  The following chart
shows other people who were scanned and sampled, but not used in the final
release of the game.

Character/Description                  Real Life Actor         Voice
---------------------                  ---------------         -----
Alternate Low Guard                    Marianna Vayntrub       Colleen Compton
                                       (Fiancee of Mark D.)

Alternate High Guard                   Steve Hornback          Steve Hornback
                                       (Main ROTT artist)

Alternate Overpatrol                   Pat Miller              Pat Miller
                                       (Scott Miller's Mom)

Alternate Strike Team                  Ann Grauherholz         Ann Grauherholz
                                       (Tom Hall's Friend)

Alternate Lightning Guard              William Scarboro        William Scarboro
                                       (ROTT Programmer)

Alternate DeathFire Monk               Mark Dochtermann        Tom Hall
                                       (ROTT Programmer)

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