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[] ROTT levels

There are a wealth of levels available for "Rise of the Triad," even if you
just count the "official" levels made by Apogee.  Some are packaged in various
versions of the game, some were released separately; some are free, some cost
money; some are regular (one player) levels, some are Comm-Bat (multiplayer)
levels.  Below is a description of each of the level sets available from

  - "Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins" is the name of the standard shareware
    episode of ROTT.  The shareware episode cannot make use of any other
    levels besides its own.
  - "Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins Deluxe Edition" is a special version
    of the shareware episode distributed only by LaserSoft, until October 1999
    when Apogee released the levels as a free download from their web site.
    This version has six levels unavailable anywhere else:  three regular
    levels and three Comm-Bat levels.
  - "Rise of the Triad: Dark War" is the name of the registered version of
    ROTT.  There are several versions:  a floppy disk version, an upgraded
    floppy disk version, a CD version, and a Site License CD version.  (Both
    floppy disk versions and the Site License version were since discontinued.)
    The upgraded floppy disk was the same as the regular CD version but with
    fewer "extras."  The Site License CD version had an extra 14 Comm-Bat
  - The ROTT "rejected level set" was released to the Internet for free.  It
    contains levels designed for "Rise of the Triad: Dark War" but eventually
    cut from the game.  A text file that accompanies this level set explains
    some of the history behind the levels.
  - "Extreme Rise of the Triad," or EROTT, is an add-on pack designed by Joe
    Siegler and Tom Hall.  It contains an additional 42 regular levels usable
    by the registered version of ROTT and utilize new tricks and traps.
    EROTT was discontinued by Apogee in November 1997 but, on September 1, 2000,
}   the level pack portion of EROTT was released as freeware.  (The rest of it,
}   plus other extras, was released as the freeware "ROTT Goodies Pack" on
}   February 15, 2005.)
  - The "Ohio Comm-Bat Pack" is a set of four Comm-Bat levels designed
    especially for a contest at a college in Ohio.  After the contest, the
    levels were released to the net for free.
  - Joe Siegler released two stand-alone levels, "Wolfenstein 3D," which
    recreates the level geography of episode 1, level 1 of Wolfenstein 3D,
    right down to the location of the objects.  He made "You & Spray" as a
    joke level in late 1998 as an exercise to see if he remembered how to use
    the Rise of the Triad level editor.

All of the ROTT levels that have been released as free downloads are
available at

Here is a listing of all the levels for Rise of the Triad and who designed
each.  The vast bulk of levels were done by Tom Hall, so if no name is given
for a particular level, he made it.

 Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins (Shareware)
 1-1  The HUNT Begins
 1-2  Foggy Mountain                          Shareware Warp Only Levels
 1-3  The Fourth Door                         --------------------------
 1-4  Dark Tunnels                            2-1  Too Tall
 1-5  Metal Threat                            2-2  Play Room
 1-6  Ride 'em Cowboy   (Joe Siegler)
 1-7  Boom Boom Boom
 1-8  Wall to Wall      (Joe Siegler)

 Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins DELUXE Edition (Shareware)
 Regular Levels                               Comm-Bat Levels
 --------------                               ---------------
 Prelude to a Kill                            The Siege
 Jumpin Jehoshaphat                           The Box
 GADZOOKS!                                    Rise and Tide

 Rise of the Triad: Dark War (Registered)
 Episode 1:  Approach                       Episode 2:  Monastery
 --------------------                       ---------------------
 1-1 The Thick of It                        2-1 Into the Castle
 1-2 Winding Way                            2-2 Great Halls of Fire  (Marianna)
 1-3 Burned and Amazed                      2-3 The Room
 1-4 Too Much Room                          2-4 Spiralling In        (Marianna)
 1-5 Two Key Return                         2-5 Rocky Plateau
 1-6 Spring Surprise                        2-6 Four Way Chamber
 1-7 General Darian                         2-7 Sebastian Krist
 1-8 Turn of the Screw (Marianna Vayntrub)  2-8 Elevator Trouble

 Episode 3:  Caves Below                    Episode 4:  The Slow and the Dead
 -----------------------                    ---------------------------------
 3-1 Robotricks                             4-1 "Monky" Business
 3-2 Down & Over       (Marianna Vayntrub)  4-2 Fire and Brimstone
 3-3 Dead in Five Seconds                   4-3 Crushing Defeat
 3-4 Clear and Present Dangers              4-4 Diamonds & Rust
 3-5 The Angry Quilt                        4-5 Backfire
 3-6 Movin' Walls                           4-6 Circles of Fire
 3-7 Know Thine NME                         4-7 Lair of El Oscuro
 3-8 Eight Ways to Hell   (Joe Siegler)     4-8 Switched Around  (Joe Selinske)
                                            4-9 Canyon Chase
                                            4-10 In the Dark Nest
 Registered Warp Only Levels
 5-1 Dead in Two Seconds
 5-2 The Vomitorium           (Joe Siegler)
 5-3 This Causes an Error!    (a joke level)

 Rise of the Triad COMM-BAT Levels
 Shareware Comm-Bat                   Registered Comm-Bat (Continued)
 ------------------                   -------------------------------
 The Corpseyard  (William Scarboro)   Batter Up!
 Falling for It                       Attonement
 Fun House                            Memorize This
 The Labyrinth                        Swimmin' Pool
 Dark Warrens                         The Sanctum of Rocking (William Scarboro)
 Hill and Hill Again                  Think Up!
 Iron Tower                           Ziggurattack
 The Great Divide                     Free Flight
                                      Cross Purposes              (Joe Siegler)
 Registered Comm-Bat                  Joustin' Time          (Mark Dochtermann)
 -------------------                  Captured
 One Stop Gun Shop                    Yellow Brick Road
 The Well                             Crystal Fields
 Way Too Tiny
 Sign Language                        Site License Comm-Bat
 Land Bridge                          ---------------------
 Checkers                             King of the Hill           (Joe Selinske)
 Tree House                           The Castle
 Mazewar '94                          It's the Pits   (Joe Selinske & Tom Hall)
 Impossible Land                      Popcore      (Joe Selinske with Tom Mods)
 Picture This                         Round 'n' Round
 Mark's Madness (Mark Dochtermann)    Hey! More Barrels!   (Joe Selinske & Tom)
 Bazooka Joke                         Too Tight
 Above All This                       Race Track             (Mark Dochtermann)
 Four Square                          Cave In      (Joe Selinske with Tom Mods)
 Giza                                 Glen Park
 Ramp                                 Urge to Kill                   (Jim Dose)
 Into the Fray                        Death Tree
 Lotta Lava                           Oh Yeah!                   (Joe Selinske)
 The Machine                          Staff Meeting

 Extreme ROTT Add-On Pack Levels
 A Tomb With a View                   Lights Out               (Joe Siegler)
 Up                                   NME Mine                 (Joe Siegler)
 Triadagio         (Joe Siegler)      They Say HOO-Mahn-Ay     (Joe Siegler)
 The Barracks                         Halls of Walls
 Moatin' Lava                         Getting the Drop
 Nothin' But Net                      A Boulder Vision         (Joe Siegler)
 Truth or Darian                      Pykus Peak               (Joe Siegler)
 Through & Through                    The Hoppe Hop            (Joe Siegler)
 High Road, Low Road                  Technical Ecstasy        (Joe Siegler)
 Open Fire                            Oscuro's Legions
 Dark 'N' Deadly                      95 Windows               (Joe Siegler)
 Lightning Strikes                    On Its Tail
 A Mode I Rode     (Joe Siegler)      The Unholy Chamber
 You're Fired      (Joe Siegler)      Danger Mouth
 Krist Cross       (Joe Siegler)      Fencing
 Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!                 Welcome to the Machine
 Overview                             Gods of Annihilation     (Joe Siegler)
 Sky Tunnels                          The Grand Vomitorium     (Joe Siegler)
 Bridge Over Trouble                  Fire Flight
 Experiment IV                        Run Like Heaven
 The Ride                             Stupid Dog Tricks

 =================                        =========================
 Reject Level Pack                        Ohio 1996 Comm-Bat Levels
 =================                        =========================
 Use the Fish          (Joe Selinske)     But This Goes to 11
 Wan Fife              (Joe Selinske)     Walloper
 The Pound                                Dwayne Goes 48          (Joe Siegler)
 Valhalla                                 The X Factor            (Joe Siegler)
 Aztec Paramecium      (Joe Selinske)
 Death Box
 Battle Squid          (Joe Selinske)              ============
 Great Wally           (Joe Selinske & Tom Hall)   Extra Levels
 Lumpy's Delight       (Joe Selinske)              ============
 Pillar Killers        (Joe Selinske)              Wolfenstein 3D (Joe Siegler)
 Red Rum! Red Rum!     (Joe Selinske)              You & Spray    (Joe Siegler)
 Barrelling Down       (Tom Hall & Joe Selinske)
 Spears of Density     (Joe Selinske)
 Balconexus            (Joe Selinske)
 Spinblade Runner      (Tom Hall & Joe Selinske)
 Five Windows          (Joe Selinske)
 Storm's Eye           (Joe Selinske & Tom Hall)
 Skylands              (Joe Selinske)
 Speed                 (Joe Selinske)
 Twin Falls            (Joe Selinske)
 This Causes Error Too (Joe Siegler; another joke level)

Some of the levels have interesting features or stories behind them:

 - Rise and Tide came from a magazine review of Rise of the Triad which
   mistakenly referred to the game by that name.
 - Cross Purposes and Technical Ecstasy were named after Black Sabbath albums.
 - Hey! More Barrels was named after a phrase that was heard a lot around
   the Apogee offices at the time.
 - Urge To Kill was named after a line that Homer Simpson said in a
   Simpsons Halloween episode modeled after "The Shining."
 - They Say HOO-Mahn-Ay was named after the sound the monks made, since this
   level has just about 100% monks for enemies.
 - Triadagio was named after the song used in the level.
 - A Mode I Rode, Pykus Peak, and The Hoppe Hop were named after ex-girlfriends
   of Joe Siegler, the creator of these levels.  He ended up marrying the one
   Pykus Peak was named after.
 - 95 Windows was, predictably, named after Windows 95.  There are exactly
   95 window panes in the level.  Also, if you use the map cheat and then
   look at the entire map, you'll see a mockup of the taskbar in Windows 9x.
 - Stupid Dog Tricks was named after the David Letterman bit of the same name.
 - Use the Fish was named after a phrase that Jay Wilbur (then CEO of id)
   faxed to Apogee when granting them permission to use Dopefish as a cameo
   character in their games (as they own the rights to Dopefish).  Also, if you
   use the map cheat and look at the map, you'll see you're playing inside the
 - But This Goes To 11 is a quote from "This Is Spinal Tap!"
 - Wan Fife was named after episode 1, level 5 of Doom.  The level
   geometry was taken from that same level, as best as the ROTT engine could
   reproduce it.
 - Dwayne Goes 48 was named after a Doom user level that appeared in the
   level pack Dwango 4.  (It was level 8.  Get it?)
 - The X Factor was named after the Iron Maiden album of the same name.
 - One Stop Gun Shop was originally a test level that was made with every
   weapon and every object in the game, as that made it convenient for
 - Spears of Density is what one Apogee customer kept calling the
   game "Spear of Destiny."

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