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The Apogee FAQ

[1.4] What Is Apogee?

}Apogee is a creator, distributor, and producer of PC games of many sorts.  It
is a diverse gaming company, contributing to several different genres of games.
While much of what Apogee publishes are games written primarily by other
companies, such as Cygnus or Argo Games, Apogee writes their own games as well.
Apogee's staff includes an array of talented programmers, artists, and
musicians.  For many years now, Apogee has been among the leading shareware
games companies for the PC and compatible market.

In June of 1994, Apogee announced a new spin-off company called 3D Realms,
which would only produce 3D action games.  At that time, the 3D games Apogee
had in development -- "Duke Nukem 3D," "Shadow Warrior," "Blood," and "Ruins:
Return of the Gods" -- became 3D Realms games instead of Apogee games.
(Since then, the rights to "Blood" were sold to Monolith Productions, and
"Ruins: Return of the Gods" was sold to Playmates Interactive Entertainment,
which changed the title to "PowerSlave.")

Later, on February 4, 1997, a third company was announced: Pinball Wizards.
As its predecessor, 3D Realms, specializes in state of the art 3D action
games, Pinball Wizards will specialize in state of the art pinball games.
The pinball game Apogee previously had under production, "Balls of Steel,"
moved to the Pinball Wizards division.

It is Apogee's intention for most if not all of its future games to be
funneled through specialized divisions such as 3D Realms and Pinball Wizards.
The reason for having these divisions is to create "label branding" -- so
that when you download a game by a specific company name, you know exactly
what kind of game you're getting.  The goal of each brand is to produce the
best games in their respective genres.

This FAQ covers not only Apogee and its games but also all of Apogee's
specialized divisions and their games.

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