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[1.5] What Does "Apogee" Mean?

According to an early Apogee slogan, "Apogee means action."  But according
to the American Heritage dictionary, "apogee" means:  "the point
in the orbit of the moon or of an artificial satellite most distant from
the earth."  Or, more generally, "the farthest or highest point; apex."
Related words are the Greek "apogaion," the neuter form of "apogaios"
which means "away from the earth."  There is also the New Latin word
"apogaeum," which is derived from the Greek word.  There is a French word
"Apogee" (with an accent over the first 'e').  In English, there is the
related word "apogean" and the antonym "perigee."

Interestingly, the meaning of the word "apogee" was one of the questions in
the shareware version of an early Apogee quiz game (discontinued since)
entitled "Word Whiz."

Scott Miller, President of Apogee, explains the origin of the company name
by saying, "I've always been a science nut, and the word 'apogee' is just one
of those sort of obscure science terms pertaining to astronomy that I really
liked."  Originally, he says, he wanted to use the word as the name of a rock
band in the early 1980s, but nobody else liked it.

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