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Welcome to All Movie Talk! In this audio podcast, Samuel Stoddard and Stephen Keller talk about old and new movies, famous directors, historical film movements, movie trivia, and more.

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Top 6: Heist Movies

The heist caper is one of our favorite subgenres, and so we thought it would be a good idea to make Episode 29's Top 6 list the Top 6 Heist Movies. Our lists follow. (Because there are so many good ones to talk about, I dropped Stephen's #1 from my list because I knew he'd have it covered.)

What are your favorite heist movies?

As always, we recommend listening to the episode before reading further.

  1. Rififi (1955)
  2. Heat (1995)
  3. Le Cercle Rouge (1970)
  4. Heist (2001)
  5. Ocean's 11 (2001)
  6. Die Hard (1988)
  1. The Killing (1956)
  2. The Italian Job (1969)
  3. Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
  4. The Great Train Robbery (1979)
  5. The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
  6. Gambit (1966)

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