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Welcome to All Movie Talk! In this audio podcast, Samuel Stoddard and Stephen Keller talk about old and new movies, famous directors, historical film movements, movie trivia, and more.

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Top 6: Fast-Paced Movies

In Episode 11, our Top 6 is about the best fast-paced movies, complementing our slow movies list from the previous episode. Fast-paced movies have the potential to be exciting roller coaster rides through a story, usually something with a lot of action and/or comedy. The challenge is that a fast pace makes it difficult to draw characters we care about. Here are our favorites that overcome that challenge.

Chime in with your own favorite fast movies.

As always, we recommend listening to the episode before reading further.

  1. One, Two, Three (1961)
  2. Requiem For a Dream (2000)
  3. Moulin Rouge (2001)
  4. Sin City (2005)
  5. Fight Club (1999)
  6. The Departed (2006)
  1. One, Two, Three (1961)
  2. Moulin Rouge (2001)
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
  4. Noises Off (1992)
  5. Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
  6. Black Hawk Down (2001)

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