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Welcome to All Movie Talk! In this audio podcast, Samuel Stoddard and Stephen Keller talk about old and new movies, famous directors, historical film movements, movie trivia, and more.

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Top 6: Movies About Movies

"Write what you know" is a maxim familiar to many writers, because writing from experience tends to be more convincing than writing from research. By extension, it makes sense that some of the best movies are movies that are about movies. Who better to record, honor, or satirize the process of filmmaking than the filmmakers themselves?

Our Top 6 list for Episode 6 is about movies that are about movies. What are your favorites?

As always, we recommend listening to the episode before reading further.

  1. Singin' In the Rain (1952)
  2. Day For Night (1973)
  3. Sunset Boulevard (1950)
  4. The Player (1992)
  5. Barton Fink (1991)
  6. Cinema Paradiso (1989)
  1. Day For Night (1973)
  2. 8 1/2 (1963)
  3. Singin' In the Rain (1952)
  4. State and Main (2000)
  5. The Bad and the Beautiful (1952)
  6. Living In Oblivion (1995)

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