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Computer Stupidities


We welcome our readers to send us their own computer stupidities. The bulk of this site is made up of reader submissions, in fact, and therein lies its strength. Rather than being simply a compilation of any one person's humorous experiences, it's an anthology of the best of many people's experiences.

There are a couple of basic rules. Don't submit anything that's copyrighted. The submission of an anecdote to us means that you know it is not copyrighted and can be freely distributed in public forums (such as our site). If what you are submitting is your own original material, submitting it to me means that you are releasing it into the public domain -- which means the material may therefore be freely distributed in public forums (such as our site).

Another thing we ask is that you submit only first- or second-hand stories, i.e., stories that happened to you personally, or stories that happened to the person who told you. If you're any further removed from the story than that, it's hard to tell if it really happened -- or at least if it really happened the way it's written -- or if it's just an urban legend. This site doesn't presume to be free of urban legends, but we'd like to minimize them where it's practically possible to do so.

Other than that, the sky's the limit. Understand that we reserve the right to post or not post submitted stories at our discretion. Understand, too, that even if we do decide to post a story, it won't appear right away. Lately, there has been a backlog of around five hundred submissions. We do save all submissions and consider them in roughly the order they were received, but it could be several months before we get to process new submissions.

So, now that that's taken care of, go ahead and send us your stories.