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Computer Stupidities

Free Disks

With America Online and other companies sending diskettes and cdroms in the mail like they were grocery store sale flyers, computer illiterates are given more opportunities to be perplexed and befuddled. And scared.

I worked for a while in tech support for a large ISP. One day the guy next to me got a call asking for a demo of the Internet. I said I could send him a one month free trial, but he said, "No, no, I don't want any trial versions. I just want a demo. Can you just copy the Internet to CDs and mail them to me?"

It took me about ten minutes to explain before he got a clue that this was, in fact, impossible. Even then he refused the free trial and just hung up. This always makes me wonder what goes on in some people's heads.

She was transferred, and I listened in a while. The customer said that she didn't like my answer to her question. For some reason known to her and her alone, suggesting that you give a disk to a friend is unprofessional.

I work at a big box computer store, and one of our weekly ads showed that we had free America Online 5.0 disks at our store. Unfortunately, due to a shipping error, we only received one box, which went really fast. I had one middle aged customer come up to me.

He walked in front of the entrance doors, which are clearly labeled "ENTRANCE ONLY," stood there for almost a minute waiting for the door to open, finally realized he was at the wrong doors, and huffed towards the real exit.

One night working at technical support, this old lady called and told me that she received our disk and said that she's afraid of it.

I need a brief pause to scream with laughter.

A call came from a little girl: