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Slapdash City

What It's All About

For those of you confused about the purpose and apparent uselessness of Slapdash City, an explanation will be provided. This page is the only honest page in the bunch.

For starters, there is no such person as Snook Draddots, the supposed author of Slapdash City. His last name, if you will notice, is "Stoddard," reversed. I am Samuel Stoddard. That's my real name. None of the information on Snook Draddots' personal home page bears any resemblance to information about me. Snook Draddots is a fictional character of my own invention.

Slapdash City is not a serious web site. Do not take it at face value. It is not real. Its purpose is to make fun of many of the personal and/or useless web pages I've seen out there on the web. I have seen personal home pages where past relationships are discussed and ridiculously intimate details disclosed. I have seen web pages with purposes as shallow as a two-color background color archive, as trivial as a sofa change log, and as useless as a broken link collection. It is my supposition that most of you have seen these valueless web pages as well, and my intention with Slapdash City is to provide some humor by recreating and exaggerating these types of web pages. So please do not mail me and tell me Slapdash City is a waste of time, effort, and bandwidth -- at least not for the reason that no one could possibly care about the information on it -- because I am already quite aware of this.

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