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Join Sinbad and his merry men as they embark on a dubiously-conceived quest to foil a dubiously-conceived but probably evil plot by the evil vizier Jaffar! Sinbad Comic is a screen-cap comic based on the incredible, incomparable, and inexplicable 1989 Lou Ferrigno film, Sinbad of the Seven Seas.

About Sinbad Translation Party

Sinbad Translation Party consists of the normal Sinbad Comic strips with the dialogue translated by the Translation Party web site, which uses Google's translation tools to translate text back and forth between Japanese and English until the text stops changing. This process usually produces translations that are wildly, hilariously, unrecognizably different from the original text.

If you are new to Sinbad Comic, we highly recommend that you read the unaltered Sinbad Comic strips first, before seeing how computerized translation tools mangle them.

Sinbad Translation Party #41: Some Spy Dog 2     [ Jump To Comments ]     [ Compare With Original Version ]

Sinbad Translation Party #41
Comments  (3)
From: Trigonography
Date: Tue, 1/25/2011, 21:47:11
Oh my goodness, I've not laughed so hard in a long time... thanks, Sam, I needed this wonderful nonsense!
From: koobaxion
Date: Fri, 3/19/2010, 00:32:08
He's Sinbad on Sunday. Because That's the day sinbad rests.
From: Sam
Date: Mon, 3/15/2010, 11:22:38
There's, uh, an obvious line here that requires comment. I just about hit the floor when came back with it. We already saw what the nonsense word "bonk" comes back as in Sinbad Translation Party #25. Here, it is preceded by "mucky mucky." The word "mucky" can seemingly come back as either "dirty" or "filthy," depending on context. Yikes.
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