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Join Sinbad and his merry men as they embark on a dubiously-conceived quest to foil a dubiously-conceived but probably evil plot by the evil vizier Jaffar! Sinbad Comic is a screen-cap comic based on the incredible, incomparable, and inexplicable 1989 Lou Ferrigno film, Sinbad of the Seven Seas.

Sinbad Comic is currently on hiatus but will eventually return for the fifth and final season.

Episode 58: Strategic Priorities, Part 1, By Sam, 5/24/2010     [ Jump To Comments ]

Episode 58: Strategic Priorities, Part 1
Episode 57: The Many Prophecies of the Lonesome Dude
Episode 59: Strategic Priorities, Part 2
Comments  (6)
From: geneva
Date: Tue, 7/13/2010, 13:05:16
Hey, if I were stuck in a blender I'd be pretty persnickity too o.o

Also, can haz magicality?
From: Sam
Date: Mon, 5/31/2010, 11:16:58
With some accents, even silent letters are pronounced differently.
From: Maryam
Date: Mon, 5/31/2010, 11:14:01
I think you mean "plumb" there, don't you?
From: Goosey
Date: Mon, 5/24/2010, 20:35:08
I think "Plum popped his haid" will be going on the same list as "Please rinse with fresh low." Especially when you treat "plum" as a noun, rather than an adverb. ;D
From: Monkeyman
Date: Mon, 5/24/2010, 11:02:58
You did a great job finding the right frame!
From: Sam
Date: Mon, 5/24/2010, 09:46:22
The challenge with a screencap comic is that if the frames required for a joke don't exist, it can't be done. I almost couldn't make this particular comic, because I needed a frame of Sinbad looking thoughtful. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a frame of Sinbad looking thoughtful?
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