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Tourism Follies

The world is a big place. We can't know everything about everywhere, but sometimes it's funny when tourists visit places and meet people completely ignorant of where they came from. Funnier still is when the tourists don't have any clue about the places they are visiting.

Local Yokels:

Tourists Without a Clue:

Bon Voyage:

International Business:



Geography Anecdotes:

I recently moved from Wisconsin to Texas.

Later, I had this conversation with my new social studies teacher:

[New!] A woman called a travel agency. The following conversation ensued:

Baffled, the agent scoured around but finally had to give up.

Just then, the agent had a stroke of inspiration.

Tourism Anecdotes:

I was sitting on the city bus the other day (in July), and there were two British women sitting at the back talking. After noticing that they were unfamiliar with the city, the woman sitting across from them struck up a conversation.

It didn't end there. The conversation continued. Among the other questions this woman asked was:

I just barely maintained decorum long enough to get off the bus.

An American was planning an extended trip to Australia and asked, via a chat forum, whether his electrical equipment would work over there. The short answer is yes, provided there are no problems with voltage mismatches. But somebody, just for fun, decided to say, "The Coriolis Effect will make your CDs spin the wrong way." The American bought this and asked whether there were any devices he could buy to correct the problem. A number of people, my colleague included, jumped onto the bandwagon with various suggestions. Eventually somebody took pity on the poor guy and admitted it was all a joke. The response? "How do you expect me to know it's a joke if you don't use a sarcastic smiley?"

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