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Re: Fantasy Quest 1
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Friday, February 3, 2006, at 13:33:44
In Reply To: Fantasy Quest 1 posted by vvmomma on Friday, February 3, 2006, at 11:14:51:

> I've been checking some hints, and notice that I am without several pieces of inventory and that I cannot seem to find the garden. I have visited the soothsayer and she took my gold, but did not give me any hints. I currently am carrying the following, sack, silver coin, rope, branch, silver key, sword, diamond, shovel, hammer, nails, bow, arrow, club, ticket. I notice I still need, hook, fishing pole, sunstone, leaves (which I can't seem to pick up), gold key, pass ring, coat, jeweled sword, scroll, and magic stone.I rode the unicorn...cannot find the cat...cannot enter the tower...cannot find any general store? not know what to feed the hungry not know how to get inside volcano without dying...any help on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated.

First off, looking at other people's inventories and trying to jump ahead almost never works in these games. There's too much that's dependent on locations, et cetera to jump ahead. (The leaves you need are NOT where you think they are, for one thing.) Forget about future items for now.

So let's get on to the topics.

1) Unicorn: Good. Take a swim in the river and go restock on carrots. That unicorn is the ONLY way to get into the royal gardens, which is about a third of the whole game. (And another creature will want a carrot.)

2) Cat: See above.

3) Tower: That's WAY ahead.

4) General store: You're going to HAVE to map the game as you go with pencil and paper to keep track of directions. The general store is right past the unicorns; notice how the road forks in two directions south of them?

5) Hungry gnome: Think sushi. Sort of.

-Mandi "why fish in the volcano when the riverbank's right there?" aka Chaos

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