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I'm stuck again fantasy quest II
Posted By: gees, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2006, at 20:00:09

My inventory: 17 onions, sack, small silver key, cown of destiny, float ring, sap tap, bucket, cross, roc feather, coconut, blue rubber ball, pliers, iron support, sword, suntone, small silver coin,
I have given the soothsayer 8 or 9 gold coins. I killed the beefhead, cyclops, the fire drake, and the vampiress. I have met the socerer, the orge, the pixies, the clown, the dwarf, the centaur, the guy at the castle in the garden. I have visited the island, the cave, the garden, the other side of volcano, and the old fortress near the volcano. Help!!!! I keep dying. Running around in circles. How do I help the clown. And who is Hes Ahkia?? A little clue please. Thanks thanks thanks. Gees

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