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Re: EFSM - Smelly artist, kung fu problems,missing people and pla
Posted By: AndyL, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2006, at 04:52:23
In Reply To: Re: EFSM - Smelly artist, kung fu problems,missing people and pla posted by Snake on Monday, January 30, 2006, at 17:29:34:

> > I feel like I'm going around in circles, and judging by some of the other messages posted, I haven't found a whole section of the game.
> >
> > Inv:
> > Blue Paint
> > Bottle
> > Bottle Cap
> >
> > Chain
> > Coffee Filter
> > Demerit
> >
> > Disk With Virus
> > Earthworm Sample
> > Eraser
> >
> > Glue Stick
> > Knock-out Drops
> > Lighter
> >
> > Mirror
> > Scalpel
> > Soldering Iron
> >
> > My quests are:
> > Stop the fight.
> > Help the artist.
> > Beat the game.
> > Help Mrs. D. and her power struggle.
> >
> > I've lit the burner, and done everything to the artist but the smell. I have not found the physics lab and the basketball court is empty. The website team is out of the lab. I have also used the *key*. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Since I posted, I've taken care of the artist's quest.

You should have picked something up in the art lab that might cause a bit of a stir at the fashion show, which will move things along a bit.

The physics lab is north east of the cooler (I think, it's in that general area anyway).

If the basketball court is empty, have you checked the ground for something that might help Mrs D?

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