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Re: GOA PLEASE!!! *spoilers*
Posted By: lduff, on host
Date: Friday, December 31, 2004, at 13:04:40
In Reply To: Re: GOA PLEASE!!! posted by lduff on Friday, December 31, 2004, at 13:03:16:

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> > > > Still stuck. I can't find pic I need to exchange for pic in banquet room. Not for lack of trying. Thought over bartenders words,talked with bakery man,and blacksmith a lot. Visited gwuills,caves and cannot pick up boulder of doom, marble plates won't move. What am I missing to continue in this game? Spoil it for me please. Been trying forever it seems.Inventory is:20 bronze coins, 7 red gemstones, 6 apples, Guards sword, Stone of strengthing, Food rations, tinderbox, torch, key of opening, portrait, clear focus stone, piece of trash, crate, hammer, rope, map, magnifying glass. I know its probably just one move away but can't see to get anywhere or get any new options.
> > >
> > > What do you think the portrait would be useful for?
> >
> > The portrait does not come up as an option in banquet room. It did at one time but no more.
> to get the picture out of the banquet room you have to go up the tower, find where you can smell the cooking wafting up from the kitchen, and tie your rope there. then you go back down and behind the castle, swim across, and climb up the rope. make a mess in the kitchen which will distract the kitchen maids (so they are not coming in and out of the banquet room, climb back down the rope, and come in through the banquet hall via the apprentice quarters. the maids will all be in the kitchen so you can exchange your portrait for the picture with the ring on it. then take it to the blacksmith.
> lduff

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