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Re: fantasy quest another newbie to help (may contain spoilers)
Posted By: georgie, on host
Date: Friday, December 31, 2004, at 08:30:08
In Reply To: Re: fantasy quest another newbie to help (may contain spoilers) posted by Dak on Friday, December 31, 2004, at 08:24:27:

> > > > have you been to the sorceror yet? you need a magic spell before you can get the password. and the sorceror will only give you it if you take him something useful.
> > > > post your inventory, that'll help us know what you've already done
> > >
> > > You're Carrying:
> > >
> > > Sack
> > > Branch
> > > Shovel
> > > Bow
> > > Club
> > >
> > > Silver Coin
> > > Silver Key
> > > Hammer
> > > Arrow
> > > Ticket
> > >
> > > Rope
> > > Gold Key
> > > Nails
> > > Fishing Pole
> > > Sunstone
> >
> > you need to find a boat now. you've got the key to start it. if you use the little boat to get somewhere you haven't been yet, you'll find what you need, and something for the soothsayer too. bit of fishing is a nice way to pass the time, too :-)
> so in other words i need to fish for some gold coins to give to the soothsayer?
> besides i read in Fantasy Quest II that the soothsayer just gives useless information, why on Earth would I give gold to the soothsayer

no, you fish for fish. you find the gold coin somewhere else. you have to give her the full amount of gold coins, cos later in the game she DOES give you very important information that you can't carry on without.
you should really finish FQ1 before you start FQ2, the second one is written to be done afterwards, or half the things you read won't be funny cos you won't have found them in the first game yet. it's meant to be entertaining as you go along, it'll spoil the fun if you're reading ahead and getting clues all the time without just going through the games, in order, on your own. it's a lot more enjoyable that way!

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