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Re: Yes, I did it! (MR)
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Monday, December 27, 2004, at 12:52:57
In Reply To: Re: Yes, I did it! (MR) posted by Joona I Palaste on Monday, December 27, 2004, at 10:25:14:

> Wow, I'm not even on the list (palaste). And I've completed the game three times, each time spending lots of moves.

You've made 215017 moves, so you're not much further down.

> Now *that's* good to hear. Now I don't have to whine about it any more... =)

I said I *need* to get going. Didn't say I was. My current project is quite a bit more exciting, at least to me. But I've been hoping to pull the next RPG off the backburner soon for a while now, and I'm sure it'll happen at some point, just as Murkon's Refuge itself was backburnered for two full years (work on it began in 1999) before I went back to it and finished it up. It's just the way I work.

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