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Re: False name is not a joke
Posted By: urgal101, on host
Date: Thursday, December 23, 2004, at 17:46:52
In Reply To: Re: False name is not a joke posted by Lucky Wizard on Thursday, December 23, 2004, at 13:30:28:

> > Someone has used my name to post mesages twice and i want them to stop.
> > first, someone used my name to insuld Dude5416 twice, then appologise. If this is your idea of a joke it's not funny.
> > Second, someone used my name to ask where the hatpin was. if you want to ask for a hint, use your own name.
> > whoever you are, stop now it's not funny!
> Now this is interesting...
> After looking for the insult post and the hatpin post, I thought to check IPs.
> I can confirm that your post that I'm replying to was made from the range 205.188..., which is also the range from which the first "urgal101" message on the hints board was posted. So you're probably the real deal.
> But here's the interesting part. It looks as though "urgal101" posts came from two different IP ranges in addition to that one. 64.12..., and 152.163.... And, indeed, the hatpin post came from 162.163....
> But the kicker? The insult (I presume you're referring to ) was posted from your range. And... dude5416, the person who was insulted in that post, came from the same range. So either you share your computer or network with someone else (in which case you need to talk to that person) or you're talking to yourself (perhaps having a little MPD for breakfast?)
> But there's more. smrtguy used both 152.163... and 205.188.... And here's the most interesting part: Another person posted from 205.188.... That person was "someone". "Someone", as in . And, indeed, the Urgal appear to be a race in "Eragon", a book by Christopher Paolini. So I submit that urgal101 is the answer to someone's challenge, because of the same-IP thing and the Paolini thing.
> Lucky "So are my conclusions right, or is there another twist coming up?" Wizard

I am the person who posts as Someone, but not the other two people you say i am...however i do have 3 sisters who share this house(and computer) with me do you think it could be one of them?

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