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GOA-Can't seem to "focus", also need more money?
Posted By: Faun, on host
Date: Friday, December 17, 2004, at 19:40:21

I've scoured the message board for some direction. I've been at it a while now, and think there's just a small thing I'm missing here.

62 Gold Coins
Guard's Sword
Food Rations
Magic Armor of Magic
Stone of Strengthening
Dead Fish

I understand that you can get 500+ gold coins from somewhere??? Also, I need to find a used up focus stone. I had noticed on one post, someone was very near where I am, and they were told a new area should become available outside...I can't seem to find anything that's changed out there (except everyone thinks I'm a terrible, awful wizard now). Could someone please give me a push in the right direction?

Thanks so much,

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