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GoA: the Rink
Posted By: chuzer, on host
Date: Monday, December 13, 2004, at 03:19:50

You're Carrying:

9 Red Gemstones
Stone of Strengthening
Magnifying Glass

1 Black Gemstone
Food Rations
Key of Opening

Guard's Sword
Clear Focus Stone
Sea Nymph

first thing, how i am "carrying" the horse is beyond me, but that notwithstanding, I hear that I need a Rink or someone to help me beat up the valkyries in the northern desert place (north of the gwuils) and yet i can't seem to find him. I've already been in and out of the worlds a million times, went down the endless corridor for a long time and took the 10 second walk back (and noticed the repeating patterns only happen after the first 3 steps...?). so where is this Mr. Rink people speak of?

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