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Re: Stuck in Outlaws: Canteen? Spoilers
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2004, at 20:14:51
In Reply To: Stuck in Outlaws: Canteen? Spoilers posted by drbugman on Wednesday, November 24, 2004, at 20:06:19:

> OK. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I've dealt with
some nasty pyromaniacs, fed some creatures that will
eat anything; Garston and the person from whom I
received the ring are nowhere to be seen, washed the
soot off and obtained more, been upstairs in the saloon,
received a telegram (leading me to the pyros), picked
up the map. I must be missing something. From the
posts in this forum I gather that I need a canteen and
need to make a trip out into the desert. Any help would
be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
> bugdoc
> Here's my inventory:
> 28 Dollars
> Wood
> Feather
> Cord
> Cabbage
> Your Gun
> Altar Cloth
> Key
> Soot
> Spittoon
> Matches
> Hat Pin
> Playing Cards
> Map

You made the same mistake I did: After meeting that
loony old bat in Lucky Strike - who coincidentally knew
SO MUCH about this operation - and getting a big lead
as to the hideout, you didn't stop to verify how reliable
your source was. Perhaps talking to some other locals
you've helped out might clue you in?

-Mandi aka Chaos

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