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Re: Outlaws Lab Fight HELP?
Posted By: june2004, on host
Date: Monday, November 22, 2004, at 13:31:19
In Reply To: Re: Outlaws Lab Fight HELP? posted by june2004 on Monday, November 22, 2004, at 11:56:30:

> > > > > Good day - I am near the end (I fear)(sniff,sniff) and am fighting with Castano. Get to where his wrist is cut, then I'm unable to get different responses. Process of elimination works to a point then it's hopeless again. Any clues that u think may help? Thanks
> > > > >
> > > > > Matches Feather Canteen Mustache Piece of Broken Glass Wood Key Rapier Cape Cabbage Hat Pin Playing Cards String Mask Spittoon
> > > > >
> > >
> > > Persist in hurting him. (I think it might be in the same way as you did previously). Eventually he'll do something impulsive
> >
> > Andyl - I keep trying, really I do. Keeps coming up the same. This has got to be so simple and I know I'm making it harder than it has to be. Figures. Well, I'll keep jabbing, blocking, feinting and waiting till my power goes out. Carpal tunnel here we come!
> Kept trying all different angles, etc. Nothing working so I'm done for today. Wish I was as quick as some, but, lo and behold I be a slow moving lass. Thanks for all your help. It's appreciated. Maybe I'll come back. :)

This game calls to me in a faraway voice! Anyway, I am back & STILL can't complete this area. Can someone please help me with this sword fight? Thanks

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