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Re: Outlaws Lab Fight HELP?
Posted By: june2004, on host
Date: Monday, November 22, 2004, at 11:44:23
In Reply To: Re: Outlaws Lab Fight HELP? posted by BKred on Monday, November 22, 2004, at 11:36:44:

> > > Good day - I am near the end (I fear)(sniff,sniff) and am fighting with Castano. Get to where his wrist is cut, then I'm unable to get different responses. Process of elimination works to a point then it's hopeless again. Any clues that u think may help? Thanks
> > >
> > > Matches Feather Canteen Mustache Piece of Broken Glass Wood Key Rapier Cape Cabbage Hat Pin Playing Cards String Mask Spittoon
> > >
> I recall having no difficulty with this, so I would recommend paying close attention to the descriptions of what happens and react accordingly. Also remember that you don't *always* have to make the first move.
> BK(didn't get a chance to ask him what the machine was)red

BKred - thanks - I AM having great problems getting past this point. Wait & die or whatever I do comes up the same. Trying all different approaches (about 1 hour now if not more) and still come up to die or clicking over and over and over again. Hmmmmm. This is a bit frustrating to me. Thanks again but it doesn't help an old lady like me. ;)

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