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Re: FQ1
Posted By: silverfox, on host
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2004, at 10:36:23
In Reply To: Re: FQ1 posted by Lucky Wizard on Saturday, November 20, 2004, at 01:21:37:

> > Inventory
> > Sack
> > Gold Piece
> > Gold Piece
> > Rope
> > Hook
> > Branch
> > Silver Key
> > Gold Key
> > Sword
> > Shovel
> > Hammer
> > Nails
> > Bow
> > Arrow
> > Club
> > Ticket
> > Sunstone
> >
> > Hey. Im a bit stuck. I seem to be missing from my inventory the fishing rod and magic stone. Where do i find those?
> > Ive given one of my gold piece to the soothsayer and nothing happened.
> > I've fed the carrot to the rabbit and kept on clicking. Nothing happened at all. Can someone help me?
> I don't remember where you get the fishing rod (been a while). Hopefully some other hinter will help with that.
> I do remember that you need the fishing rod before you can get the magic stone.
> If you give your other gold pieces to the soothsayer, she'll help you.
> One carrot is sufficient -- it's just it's effects aren't in the location where you feed the carrot to the rabbit.
> Lucky "The effects of feeding the carrot to the rabbit only occur when you do something specific elsewhere." Wizard

Check the area to the west and south of the store. lots of exploring to do there. Be sure and return to try your luck fishing.

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